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The Divergent Series: Allegiant

In this third but sadly not final film in the Divergent trilogy*, Tris, Four and the gang (inexplicably including the still-creepy Miles Teller) finally break out across the wall which has been protecting/restricting their entire existence, to fight a new wave of baddies now that Kate Winslet’s Janine is dead.

The story gets quickly underway where those under Janine’s rule are on trial for their contribution to the hellish existence that is futuristic Chicago. Mob-mentality is rife among those we were rooting for in the previous movies, and Tris’s betrayer of a brother, Caleb, is in the firing line.

Allegiant is an undistinguished combination of uninspiring performances and a bog-standard plotline (it all feels a bit “going through the motions” but we know from experience with other YA franchises that this is the “filler” movie before next year’s finale), although its sensational setting initially raises the bar for dystopian movies. The radioactive red landscape is dynamic and impressive, and there is terrific CGI of the awesome-looking, if a little dubiously-devised, futuristic inventions. Only when it suddenly feels like the kids are running about on a painted sound-stage does one start to look at one’s watch.

The Divergent Series started with innovative promise but then became dull. This third of four episodes is arguably better than Katniss’s was in the last Hunger Games but even so, the only people who will care to see Allegiant through to the bitter end will be the fans.

(*Post-script: so bemused was I by the whole film, while watching it I actually thought this was the third and blessedly final installment. It felt pretty “ended” to me. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking. Anyway, tune in next year for REDUNDANT…)





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