Lina Lamont

"What do you think I am, dumb or something?"

Finding Vivian Maier

As is often the case with documentaries, the less you know beforehand, the better. And as is unquestionably the case here, the 5-star story which unfolds is surprisingly enthralling.

In 2007 a young collector, John Maloof, bought a box of film rolls in an auction, hoping that the contents might prove useful for a history book he was writing. But no.

On painstakingly developing the “insane amount of negatives”, Maloof soon realised he held a treasure trove of exquisite, candid photographs which boasted a natural eye and sense of framing – but no clue as to the identity of the talented photographer. Turning investigator and filming each step of his journey, Maloof set out to discover the artist’s identity and mysterious past.

Reminiscent of the brilliant doco The Imposter, Maloof’s film is adept at the slow reveal, mixing talking head interviews with Vivian Maier’s incredible shots, accompanied by a forgivably overpowering soundtrack. What results is a gripping discovery of unknown, unassuming genius.


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