Lina Lamont

"What do you think I am, dumb or something?"

Enough Said

This review first appeared in the Sunday Star-Times, 24th November 2013

Enough Said brings together two of the biggest stars of television in an unlikely middle-aged rom-com which is simply irresistible from start to end.

Imagine introducing them at a party – “Elaine from Seinfeld, meet Tony from The Sopranos. (Watch yourself, he’s got quite a temper).” Well, Eva and Albert do meet at a fancy Los Angelean gathering of mature, worldly types, and as soon as Julia Louis-Dreyfus purports not to fancy any of the men at the party, you just know Gandolfini might be the one to win her heart.

What unfolds is an hilarious and touchingly realistic evocation of second-time-round love which revolves gently around an awkward coincidence. Enough said.

Despite the glamorous location of West Coast America, its citizens all tanned, massaged and incensed, the film keeps things simple. Narratively it is far from flashy, so the joy of Nicole Holofcener’s (director of indie flicks Lovely and Amazing and Friends with Money) latest tussle with the pitfalls of romance comes largely from her supreme cast, with Gandolfini more convivial and less sinister than you’ve ever seen him, and Louis-Dreyfus just as cute and funny as her television alter egos in Seinfeld and Veep. Sure, there are twinges of Elaine (which is totally OK), but Tony is admirably completely absent. This makes it even more bittersweet watching Gandolfini in the last role before his recent premature death – what a lost opportunity to see him expand his character repertoire even more.

The leads are deliciously comfortable with each other, adept at delivering snappy dialogue that draws us in rather than alienates. They are supported by a pitch-perfect Catherine Keener who saunters a line between self-centred and engaged, the wonderful Toni Collette and some delightful teenage daughters.

Amazingly lovely indeed, it’s enough to just say Go See It.


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