Lina Lamont

"What do you think I am, dumb or something?"

A Lady in Paris

French film legend Jeanne Moreau is Frida, a fiercely proud old woman who lives holed up in her luxurious Parisian apartment, dressed to the nines in case she receives a visit from a much younger ex-paramour. When Anne (Laine Mägi), a bereaved Estonian woman, is brought to Paris to be her live-in carer, Frida resists unkindly. Despite Anne’s timid nature, she forges a relationship with the difficult old lady, each eventually helping the other to discover her hidden self.

It’s another “odd couple” French film, this time not as funny or lighthearted as The Intouchables but still compelling for its excellent acting and extreme subtlety. The Estonian-French cross-cultural issues make for a diverting backdrop, though it is Anne’s coming-of-age in the city of love that takes main stage, her face capturing beautiful moments of unspoken realisation.


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