Lina Lamont

"What do you think I am, dumb or something?"

Lovely, Still

This review first appeared in the Sunday Star Times, 5th June 2011

Made in 2008, this charming but somehow unsubstantial “senior romance” has taken several years to find a release.  Whatever the reason, it can’t be from a shortage of star power.

A bewildered Martin Landau and a forward Ellen Burstyn fall in love late in life, amidst the usual insecurities and false-moves.  First-time filmmaker Nicholas Fackler was clearly influenced by the equally whimsical Amelie, and at times the dialogue and quirky characterisation echoes indie hits like Election or Juno, before descending into very sobering territory.  Despite strong performances, however, the overall taste is more of eating tart, low-fat ice-cream than a rich chocolate brownie.


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