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Reflections of the Past

This review first appeared in the Sunday Star Times, 15 May 2011

Reflections of the Past is an independent American-made documentary about the Parker & Hulme murder of 1954, with interviews with school mates, sociological commentators and various creatives whose novels, plays and websites were inspired by the case. The film reprises court transcripts in its discussion of the girls’ motive, with considerable focus on their (still-denied) sexuality. Viewers of Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures might find this simply goes over old ground in a less enchanting manner, but the non-fiction treatment invites some serious insights – and it’s still a fascinating topic decades later.


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One thought on “Reflections of the Past

  1. Aviana on said:

    I must say I am very excited about this film. Having not yet seen it, i cannot speak to its quality but from what i’ve seen i’m sure it will meet my exspectations. i’ve always been drawn to this ‘story’. considering i’ve read and watched everything there is to find on it (over and over), i look forward to having something new to experience. i have looked everywhere… where/how can i see this film?

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